Towerfall Tournament!

Show off your bow and arrow skills with our first ever Towerfall Tournament! Presented by Miniboss Gaming!

COVID19: We will have limited hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes available. Please consider bringing your own. Wash your hands before and after your set, especially if you are using a controller other than your own. Maintain social distancing and use good hygiene at all times. If you feel sick or have been exposed to someone that is sick please stay home, there will be more tournaments for you to participate in.


Nintendo Switch

Entry & Spectating: FREE!

All ages welcome to compete & Spectate.

Sign-Ups & Casuals: 6:30pm-7:45pm
Tournament Begins: 8:00pm

Delicious Saloon Door Brewing Beers & gaming goodies!

Food & Drink: Delicious Saloon Door Brewing craft beer!

LIVE stream:

Register in-person or online at:

Bracket & Ruleset:

Tournament Rules:

Options: Default

Versus: 1v1

Level Set: Standard

Archers: All archers & alternates are legal (If both players prefer the same archer, different colors must be chosen)

Game Mode: Last Man Standing

Standard Match: Play to 5 (Best of 3 sets, Grand Finals Best of 5 sets) / Losers bracket (single sets, finals best of 3 sets)

Variants: Tournament Rules

Stage Selection: First stage is random, loser of each set gets to pick subsequent stage.

No pausing, this will result in your forfeiture of the round.

No use of cheats or known glitches.