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Mario Kart LIVE Tournament!

It’s one of our craziest and most popular Tournaments, Mario Kart LIVE! This is a one-of-a-kind, LIVE Mario Kart experience. Challenge your friends in real life with Mario Kart RC cars and augmented reality tracks. You don’t wanna miss it!
Saloon Door Brewing
105 Magellan Cir, Webster, TX 77598
Mario Kart LIVE
Nintendo Switch
Entry & Spectating: FREE!
All ages welcome to compete & Spectate.
Sign-Ups & Casuals: 6:30pm-7:45pm
Tournament Begins: 8:00pm
Saloon Door Brewing Beers & gaming goodies!
Food & Drink: Delicious Crush City BBQ & Saloon Door Brewing craft beer!
Register in-person or online at: smash.gg/saloonkartlive3
Bracket & Ruleset: smash.gg/saloonkartlive3
Tournament Rules:
Double Elimination Bracket Tournament (Time Permitting)
Multiplayer: 1 VS 1
Custom Race
-Kart Speed: 150CC
-Laps: 3 (Grand Finals: 5 Laps, Best of 3 Races)
-Music: Random
-Com Racers: OFF
-Assist: OFF
-Map: ON
-All Karts, Outfits & Horns useable.
Players must use the screen to race, no course watching. Any items, gates or other objects that are moved or otherwise forced onto the course will be in play and must be avoided for the duration of the race. Any gates and/or course objects moved will be reset after each race. You must pass through each gate, no shortcuts allowed. If the course becomes unplayable (objects completely blocking the course, disconnections, etc.) for any reason the race will be stopped and restarted from the beginning. If a kart becomes stuck a T.O. will dislodge the kart as soon as possible and put it back into play (aka a human Lakitu). No pausing (this will result in forfeiture of the race and a loss).
Winner’s Bracket Environments
1. Retro
2. Sunshine
3. Rain
4. Lava*
5. Spooky*
Loser’s Bracket Environments
2. Spooky
3. Retro
4. Sunshine
5. Lava*
6. Rain*
Final Round
1. Rainbow
* As needed


Jul 22 2021


6:30 pm - 10:30 pm


105 Magellan Cir, Webster, TX 77598, USA
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